Make the pledge and eat in for a week straight! From February 22-28, The Huffington Post and I will be documenting the stories, trials and tribulations of everyone who's decided to take the Week of Eating In challenge. Recognizing that eating in often means reducing waste, conserving resources and being more sustainable food-aware, this is a special project from the Green page, and we'll be providing tips throughout the week, too. So stay tuned, and sign up now to get started. 

And there's more! Five food bloggers from around the country have already decided to take the pledge. Here, they share their strategies and projections for the week. Be sure to keep checking out their blogs from February 22-28, to see how well they do!

Addie Broyles, of Relish Austin:

Marc Matsumoto, of No Recipes:

James Boo, of The Eaten Path:

Ulla Kjarval, of Goldilocks Finds Manhattan:

Kasey Fleisher Hickey, of Eating-SF:

... and Cathy Erway, of Not Eating Out in New York: