Q: Why did you decide to not eat out?

A: Aside from simply wanting to save up at a time when I needed to the most, I wanted to better appreciate food by playing a more active role in my everyday diet.

Q: Do you still not eat out?

A: Not all the time anymore. Fun restaurant outings, exotic cuisines, chefs whom you admire and can trust -- all these are reasons "for" eating out. But if I can help it, I prefer home-cooked food any day.

Q: Who published this book?

A: Gotham Books, a division of Penguin Group USA. See book's official page.

Q: Who made those adorable illustrations throughout the book?

A: Evah Fan, whose portfolio is here. Evah was born in 1980 and raised in sunny California despite her fancy of cold climates. After studying at Pratt Institute, she exhibited works both in the states and abroad. Her work is currently represented by Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles and Galerie L.J. in Paris. She has also worked with publications such as Corduroy, Believer and Wired Magazines. She currently lives, studies and works in Stockholm with her husband and cat.

Q: Who made this terrific website?

A: Sheepdog Print & Design, based in NYC and founded by Melkorka and Ulla Kjarval, who come from a food-loving family. Sheepdog has created the website for their family's farm, hometown, and Ulla's blog, too.